Out of state or too far away? No worries!

We offer Transport from our very own transporter.

Tammy's Transport will drive or fly your pup anywhere!

Tammy just so happens to be my mom so your pup will never be in a strangers hands, he or she will go straight from our family to yours!

From the time your pup is born it will not touch the ground until we hand it to you! We don't want to risk exposing it to anything that could potentially make it sick. Tammy ensures that even on transport our pups are protected and well loved! She will also update you every step of the way!

Call Tammy at (361)-443-8418 to get your quote or chat about transport! 

Pricing for driving

Pricing is dependent on airfare/gas prices.

Pricing for flying:

Pricing is dependent on airfare/gas prices.