Training with us makes life easy!

What is Basic Puppy Training?

$500/month minimum 1 month

We want you to enjoy bringing home your new pup! Training can be very stressful especially with work, kids, and school. We are here to help!  

In the 1st month...

Potty training, Kennel training, come, and sit!

The first month with your new pup is a vital time to set a schedule, teach rules and begin potty training. Meeting new animals, learning how to play properly, sitting when asked, and coming when called are also important things for a puppy to learn! During the first month of training those are the things we focus on. If your pup is only staying for a month we will teach you how to continue the training we started from home! 

In the 2nd month...

Continuing what we learned the 1st month, plus working on stay, fetch, and water play! 

While we have set a schedule and started potty and kennel training we really can't master that in one month so we will continue to practice! We will also start learning new skills that are helpful around the house such as, staying when asked, fetch to wear your pup out (a well behaved dog is a tired one!), and best of all water play so that bathes are not a battle! 

In the 3rd & 4th month...

This is our "finishing phase"! We will cement all the things we have learned and work on meeting new people and walking on a leash!

The past two months your pup has learned a lot! But now is the time where we really put them to the test! This phase does best in 2 months but it is completely up to the owner. We will start to really practice all of the commands and make sure we have them down! We will go to a store and practice manners while in public. We will meet new people and practice our listening skills even when excited. We will practice walking on a leash with distractions, and recall in case your pup is out without a leash. This is the time where manners matter and we want to make sure your pup knows his or hers well! This has to be continued at home as we are just setting the foundation in training. We will have owners come out to practice with us and learn how to properly get their dogs to listen and be a wonderful well behaved part of the family!






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