Are you ready for your new pup?

Here Is Some Advice From Me!

1. Always crate train - even if you don’t like it or won’t crate in the future it’s a great thing to have. If you ever have to leave and board your dog, have a family emergency, your dog has surgery, or your traveling you may need to crate it and if you teach while young you won’t have a problem! (Ignore the crying and don’t give in no matter what or it reinforces that if they cry they get out).


2. Hands are not a chew toy and neither are feet! From day one do not allow this, redirect with a toy or it will become an issue 3. Pull on your pup and be rough (not mean!) pull lightly on ears,tail legs and especially pretend to trim nails all the time this will get your dog used to it and help if you have kids that accidentally get a little rough so your dog won’t bite.


3. Schedule, schedule, schedule! Feed your dog at the same times! If you normally crate them for a few hours for work during the week do it on the weekend too for the first few weeks this not only helps with potty training but also with making your pup feel secure as it knows what to expect:)


4. New experiences! Introduce your pup to other vaccinated dogs and don’t panic if the new dog growls pups are annoying sometimes and they are just teaching it manners let them! This is all part of learning and will help your pup to know how to properly play and interact with other dogs..... introduce to cats, chickens, horses if you have any and let them learn. What may be cute now will not be cute in a few months.


5. Set rules and stick to them! If you don’t allow them on furniture don’t ever allow it. If you want them to not go in a certain area scold and remove them anytime they go, again WHATS CUTE NOW WONT BE IN A FEW MONTHS.


6. Toys! Endless toys! Chew toys, squeaky toys, all toys! And don’t scold your pup when they tear apart the toys just happily pick up that $10 super cute toy you bought because it could have been your $100 purse or tv stand. Celebrate the little victories if they chew their stuff they aren’t chewing yours!


7. Play! Play a lot and play hard use things that stimulate their brains and bodies so that they get worn out. A tired pup is a good pup!


8. Do not get frustrated no matter what! It’s soooooo hard and you will wanna kill them at times but just keep repeating what your doing 1000000 times until it works. Don’t discipline when your frustrated or angry all it takes is one time and they will be scared and your training lost. For instance my pup bit the snot out of me (I bled and bruised) on accident while playing fetch so I instinctively popped her to make her stop biting and realize it was my hand in her mouth, not the ball. It didn’t hurt her but startled her and it took me 3 days to get her back into fetching! 


9. Just enjoy it they won’t be this little for long!


10. Lastly don’t be afraid to ask for help it can be exhausting! I am always here to be a resource for you at every stage of your pups life. Don't ever hesitate to shoot me a message. 

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