Boarding & Daycare

Interested in a vacation but worried about your baby? We offer short and long term boarding!

What will your pup do?

We have 15 acres of fun land to run and play on! I take each dog out for a walk with playtime including fetch, water fun or playing with the other pups daily! We use long lines so that your dog can run and play as they wish while we remain in control in case of an emergency. We give at least an hour of outside play time per dog per day! for small dogs we have a separate play time in which they can enjoy the outside time without worry of the big dogs! For our hesitant guests we have an astroturf yard right off of our puppy barn! We want your dogs to love coming to see us! While you are on vacation so are they!

What will they need?

We require that all dogs on our property are current on age appropriate vaccinations and have received those vaccinations by a veterinarian at least 7days prior to boarding. This ensures us that all of the dogs who stay with us are healthy and able to play with one another without fear of transmitting diseases to one another. Puppies without all of their shots will only be allowed to play in a designated puppy yard (astro turf yard) as to prevent the risk of sickness. You will also need to bring whatever food your baby currently eats as well as any treats and toys they may want! We ask that you write down feeding instructions and any special instructions regarding your baby and give them to whoever checks you in!

How will you check on your baby?

Well thats an easy one! We will send you daily "Pupdates" through text if requested! you can also text or call us anytime between 9am-9pm!